Ralf Büchsenschuss

Global HR Strategy, Analytics and Transformation,
Nestlé, Schweiz

15:10 Create insights and value through people analytics – the global people analytics journey of Nestlé

Nestlé Case Study: Enabling HR to become a strategic business partner - Linking HR Data To Wider Business Metrics at Nestlé
Gain an exclusive insight into Nestlé’s People Analytics journey and Analytics portfolio and learn how HR at Nestlé leverage on people analytics to identify
and align external industries mega-trends with the business and utilize effective HR metrics and frameworks to identify new business opportunities, create actionable
people data insight and derive tangible business values and innovative solutions.
In addition, through this showcase, you will also learn the critical elements required to succeed in your own people analytics journey and how to successfully transform
your HR to become a credible, reliable, effective and efficient business partner.
• Overview on the Nestle People Analytics journey and Analytics portfolio connecting external Mega-trends to Nestle (HR and business)
• Linking People metrics to business results
• Create insight and value for the business through people analytics