Filippo Passerini

Former Group President Global Business Services, CIO
Procter and Gamble

10:00 Transforming the Way Business is Done: Learning From the Largest, Most Progressive Shared Service Organization in the World

In a world ever more complex and fast-paced, anticipating and leading business change is becoming increasingly important. Also, the ability to stay ahead-ofthe-
curve is more than ever a critical attribute of successful companies and leaders. To accomplish that, the business model requires agility, responsiveness,
innovation, ever increasing employee productivity, and flawless operations.
Shared Services organizations are uniquely positioned to enable the business to reach new heights, and in fact help transform the way business is done.
This is a win-win all around: greater impact on the business through cost improvements and service quality, as well as stronger motivation and
contributions by Shared Services people. By contrast, the risk is to become a “commodity”… This is what we must prevent at all costs, through constant
focus on value creation and innovation. Globally recognized as a shared services pioneer and thought-leader, Filippo is renowned for creating new progressive business models and championing innovation. This session is a unique look into the strategies that allowed Procter & Gamble to form the world’s most progressive GBS.

10:30 Interview on stage mit GBS Expert Filippo Passerini

13:15 Master Class Lunch mit GBS Expert Filippo Passerini

Lunch und Lernen von GBS Expert Filippo Passerini, der Mann, der P&G Global Business Services zu einem der größten und
progressivsten SSC der Welt gemacht hat!
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ihm zusammen in einer exklusiven Gruppe beim Mittagessen über die Geheimnisse des Erfolges der P&G GBS Organisation zu diskutieren.
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